Haha, it is “pot calling the kettle black”. It takes alot to clean away the shit that stains the world’s memory for more than 20 years. When is the Nigerian 419 Scam 25-Year Silver Annivesary going to be held? Will there be a national holidays in Nigeria for the occasion? LoL

“Nigerian street vendor Ike Egbon complains that Ghanaians often
treat him as if he’s one of his country’s notorious internet fraudsters.

He says some Ghanaians here in their capital city refuse to sell him
lunch because he doesn’t speak the local language and taxi drivers
sound off when they hear his accent.

“They say ‘You are Nigerian. Nigerians are no good, no good. Why
don’t you go to your country?’ ” says Egbon, who sells African hand
drums. “They don’t help me. Ghanaian people are in Nigeria. We are
treating them fine.”