There has been an odd version of love scam that has been going on for
years, but not many has reported them. There appears to be a growing
group of scammers out there targeting at… Pedophiles.

In our
opinion, Pedophile is a crime against children. But the police do not
think that a crime against “would-be pedophiles” can be tolerated.

“In the past five years, federal authorities have
arrested more than 11,000 “online predators,” at least in part as a
result of officers posing as minors on the Internet to attract would-be
pedophiles. But the FBI is increasingly seeing cases of computer-savvy
scammers posing as minors online to steal financial information or
extort money from those would-be pedophiles.

While this is the fate for scammers targeting pedophiles, other groups that counter scammers receive better support from the public because they do not rip-off the other party, e.g. 419eater.com has been a great group of people targeting 419 scammers for years. They perform their act by fooling the scammers and getting them to waste their time or perform funny acts.

Scammers targeting pedophiles do so with a different purpose. By claiming to be a minor, the scammer hope get some monetary gains from the pedophile, or to steal sensitive information from them. The pedophiles would be off their guard since they thought that they are dealing with minors who would not know the sensitivity of the information released to them.

We are against pedophiles. However, we would think that the public would be acceptable if the “scammers” are doing so with the noble purpose of catching these people rather than to cheat their money.

“The FBI is currently investigating a man and
woman in Miamisburg, Ohio, who allegedly engaged seven men, including a
middle school teacher in New York, in sexually explicit conversations
on the Internet and then “tricked” them into divulging personal
information and financial records, according to court documents
obtained by Fox News.

The man and woman
also allegedly tried to extort money from some of the men by
threatening to reveal the men’s sexually explicit conversations online,
according to the court documents.

“This is
definitely not the first of its kind,” one FBI official said. There
have been “several instances where the same activity was done to
blackmail would-be offenders into sending money to the perpetrators,”
he said.”

Read more about this report at Foxnews.

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