We received an email asking if a job offer by Bahamas Agent is a scam.

We have no information about this agent so far. However, we noted that the career page on the website does not have a job offer for agents working from home.

Another thing to check is the email address of the sender, make sure that it is from the same company by sending an email directly to them and asking for their direct reply. This helps to check to make sure that you are talking to who they claim they are. After that, we will need to find out more about the job offer.

If anyone has any information, leads, evidence or comments, please feel free to submit to through our comment section listed below.

16 Dec 08 Update:
We have updated this article and apparently the offer came from a scammer who uses a free email address.
The offer in this email is a scam, and is not from the real Bahamas Agent.

—–New Attached—–
From: Frank Power <mr.frankpower@yahoo.com>
Subject: Following step

We have received and successfully reviewed your resume. I am happy to inform
you that you are qualified for the position of Customer Service Representative.
I have received interest note. From this point of time you are on the way of
recruiting process. You will find one
attachment enclosed to this message:
All you have to do is just read, fill-in and send back to me via e-mail.
You should be very careful with
this document to exclude possible mistakes. The
next step of application process will be
EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT sign and PAYMENT DETAILS form. Thanks for your time and
interest. If you have any other questions
or comments, do not hesitate to contact me at anytime. My job is to assist you
in registration process.

Best regards, Frank Power.

Subject: Is this job offer a scam
Question/Comment: hi, I would like to know if this company actually exist.. they have set up virtual office and want agents working for them from home.  since I want to take this job opportunity. below is the information sent to me via email. Could you please check to see if the website is not part of any scams.

Thanks for all your help.

Here is the information. I could also send the application form /job description that was sent to me.
Frank Power
Bahamas Agents Ltd.
17 Renfrew St,
Glasgow, Glasgow City G3, UK.
Phone: +1 (800) 877-9712
Fax +1 (347) 602-9087
Business e-mail: info@bahamasagents.com
Personal e-mail for quick response: mr.frankpower@yahoo.com
The address of company web-page is www.bahamasagents.com

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