Greenburg Scammer

Many people wants to find rich man online, but a rich man may not be interested to find a their dream-mate online. Afterall, there are better ways to get what they want rather than wasting time typing their “resume” online.

Assuming Pareto rule applies perfectly there are 80% of the women who are hoping to find 20% of the rich man (did this sound correct?). But how many rich man would even bother to waste their time trying to dig out 20% of the prettiest woman from the 80% of the average-looking.

57-Year Old Solomon Jesus Nasser told women he met at Match.com that he is a multi-millionaire, a DoD official, an aide to the President George Bush and a Navy admiral for the Iraq campaign.

Women looking to find rich man online thought they had struck gold, and even gave the “rich man” a loan of $140,000. Oh!? I thought he said he is “Rich”?

“Soon after meeting the women, he would explain to them that he was currently in a dire financial state and that he and his ex-wife were in a contentious battle over child support or he had been sued” and that “either way, the court had frozen all his assets and he did not have money to live day-to-day,” Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore said.

Nasser allegedly scammed these woman over a nearly three year period, from July 2005 to March 2008, trolling Internet dating sites, including Plentyoffish.com, looking for his victims, she said.

He allegedly had many lies for the women, introducing himself, among the other things, as a CIA agent, a board member of Sikorsky Helicopters and a holder of more than 80 patents. He claimed he earned a doctorate from MIT when he was 22, owned a jet and an estate in Greenwich, Conn., as well as property in California.

One victim gave him cash and made credit card purchases for him totalling more than $114,600. He bilked $24,764 from another woman, DiFiore said.