We found a news that is saying exactly what we have been promoting here. Screw those scammers who scammed elderly folks all their life savings. We know you might be aware of a scam when you see one. But if everyone can help to “share” their valuable knowledge and experience with their elderly folks esp. if they are just starting to use the internet, they will be careful not to reveal their financial or account information.

So stop joking… “yeah yeah *yawn* who doesn’t know its a scam”. The reason why it still exists and growing is because its still a lucrative, criminal business.

Quoted from the news
“Scam artists fraudulently withdrew $10,000 from Guthrie’s bank account
using a technique known as “demand drafts” – a little-known system of
taking money from a bank account without having the account holder’s
signature. A demand draft (also called a “remotely created check”) is a
piece of paper that looks just like a check but indicates “signature
not required” or a similar message in the authorized signature area.
Banks generally cash them just like signed checks.

Give a
scammer your bank account number, and he or she has all the information
needed to tap bank accounts over and over. Guthrie lost at least
$10,600 through 39 electronic withdrawals that state investigators say
were fraudulent. Add to that more than $8,000 in banking or merchant
overdraft charges.”