A long time ago, we were dragged into a time sharing seminar because they promised 7 free rolls of Kodak films. Digital cameras were new and expensive then, and 7 free rolls of film seemed good enough as a payback for an hour spent listening to a free seminar. It turned out to be a time sharing programme and we were subjected to high-pressure sales tactic to buy a vacation package worth several thousands of dollars.

Today, this old scam is still happening. Empty promises, high-pressure sales tactics, mis-information, sell-first and show you the Terms and Conditions later, buy now or the price will skyrocket soon.

They promised a lot of goodies initially only to tell you how much more you need to fork out later at a moment when you can no longer say a simple “No” because you have already committed so much.

Freebies and savings turned out to be a high class scam where they burn a deep hole right through your pocket. You are better off paying for a normal vacation package.

“The lure of lush tropical vistas and free airfare might have
scammed more than $100 million from Pennsylvania residents, the state
Attorney General’s Office said yesterday.

Attorney General Tom Corbett filed consumer-protection lawsuits
against four subsidiaries of the Florida-based Bluegreen Corp., an $8
billion business that launched an aggressive and deceptive statewide
campaign to market time-shares, said Nils Frederiksen, Corbett’s deputy
press secretary.”