Over the years, as things have changed and evolved between men and women, we have lost sight of all the ramifications of these changes. America was the leader in the world in the eyes of many other nations. Although many other societies don’t necessarily agree with many of the USA’s ways and beliefs, most have had a relatively high level of respect for our great nation.

Democracy and the free capitalistic system we represent are the envy of many. In the last several years, the USA has lost much of this respect. Many now look at us as intrusive, hypocritical fools. Many of the cultures we are having trouble with have very strong traditional religious beliefs. They are very set in their ways with respect to their family unit.

Many believe, as do I, that the family unit is the heart of any society. The family unit and its traditional values are central to many of these cultures. The men in these cultures must be strong and in control of their families. They must be respected and appreciated, much like it used to be here forty years ago.

Since 9/11, we have all come to believe that terrorists are our nation’s biggest threat. I’ve got news for you. Although the terrorist issue is of great imminent concern, the deterioration of our family unit and the large increase of the dysfunctional family is a much bigger national threat than terrorists will ever be.

Terrorists can be curtailed and their wrath isolated. The breakdown of the family unit, the major increase in divorce, and single parenting is eating away at our entire country from within.

It’s like a cancer. Have you ever heard of the military strategy of “divide and conquer?” I believe this is what is happening to us. We are being divided by the deterioration of our basic social structure, only to be vulnerable to be conquered later. No greater damage can be done to our country than the slow, steady, systematic deterioration of basic family unit standards and our traditional moral fiber.

Any country’s youth is its future, and our youth are looking pretty grim. With the advent of the unfair marriage laws and the resulting high divorce rate and de-balling of the modern male, our youth are not being led and raised with any of the old morals. Selfishness has become the order of the day.

People these days don’t even look at getting a job and raising a family until almost middle age. Forty years ago, if you weren’t working and married with kids by twenty-five, something was wrong. Today, people haven’t even decided what they want to be when they grow up until their late twenties.

We only live to be around seventy. If you haven’t even made that decision until you’re thirty, you’ve already lived almost half your life before figuring out what’s up and what’s down. If this continues, can you imagine what it will do to our tax base in years to come? The de-balling of the modern male, which was created by the high divorce rate, is also breaking down our country’s structure. The same way terrorists must be squashed at all cost, so must this process of steadily eroding family values.

We are going around the world advocating our values, beliefs, and ways of life, and here we are in total lack of control of the basic values which form a society. Other countries have satellites and TVs. They see shows like Jerry Springer, The View, and the rest of them.

They know the way men are treated in the USA. They see how men have become a bunch of wimps, caving to and fearing women. How men are persecuted and how we applaud their persecution. Women here rule in all ways, and the world knows it.

Men get their penises sliced off while they sleep, and the mate who did it goes free and gets applauded by the rest of the women in the USA. Others can see the complete lack of respect and the humiliation that men are subjected to at the hands of the superior women.

We’re trying to tell them they should be like us, and here they are laughing at the men of the USA for being a bunch of submissive wusses who have no control over their women, lives, or families. We’re telling a society that believes women must be kept in veils that our way is better.

They know the American woman is out being as promiscuous as she can on the eve of her marriage, while hubby sits at home babysitting her kids from her previous two marriages.

If you stop and think about it, it’s actually comical. We’re asking them to sign up for that? There is no way they will want to have anything to do with our way of life. I’m not suggesting that the USA’s female chauvinists have caused our rifts with these nations, but I can tell you it has a lot to do with the lack of respect that is being shown to the USA.

How can you show respect for a nation whose basic family unit and structure is in such a chaotic state? How can you respect men who allow themselves to be degraded the way they are? We have to get our affairs in order, not only for the sake of our nation’s future, but also to regain a little respect back from the rest of the world.

As much as many societies see democracy as good and advantageous, they are threatened when you start talking about human rights, women’s rights, and minority rights. Not necessarily because they don’t believe in those people’s rights, but because they’ve seen what those programs have led to in the United States, how those programs get abused and taken too far.

The pendulum always swings too far when America tries to look after a certain group of people. It’s undeniable and apparent to all other nations and cultures. That’s part of what scares them. They see it has failed here, yet we haven’t seen it ourselves.

We must make our family laws fair again and stop prosecuting men. We must stop putting good, innocent, hard-working men in jail simply because some wife’s lawyer has figured out that strategically it works to her advantage. We must start to respect all people again.

We must recognize that men and women are and should be very different. Each of their priorities and ways of thinking must not be the same. Although different, men and women must be equal. We can’t confuse being different from each other to being equal to each other.

Men should be men and women should be women; they should be different, but equal. The pendulum must be put to the neutral position, not favoring either men or women. Then and only then will the divorce rate start to drop, single parenting will slow, and the de-balling process can start to be reversed.

Maybe then we will start to eliminate the level of dysfunctional families. Maybe then men will step up and commit the way they used to without the fear of being tormented, abused, taken advantage of, and persecuted for no good reason.

National security must start from within. As a nation, we have to preserve the sanctity of old family values. We must raise our offspring in an even, balanced way so that they get the equal influence of both parents. Men have to get back to the point where they don’t totally fear marriage and commitment.

Nothing threatens our nation’s security more than these issues. If this deterioration continues and is not reversed, we are going to be in big trouble in the years to come. We will be the joke of the world instead of the envy of the world. Even our staunchest supporters will turn on us if we don’t get our own house in order.

No matter how great our system and way of life is, if we don’t have control of our home lives and have a sound family unit, we will not be successful and will not have the respect of others. We will also be vulnerable to being divided and destroyed by our adversaries.