What is a democracy and are there truly any real democracies in the world. It seems that the western world is becoming cynical of politicians and there is voter apathy toward elections as many people no longer believe there vote will make a difference. In the United Kingdom the two main parties the Conservatives and Labour are arguing policies over a very narrow middle margin as both parties try and win votes or the next election.

It seems that most people in the UK see the next elections as more of a popularity contest rather than one on ideological grounds. The turnout for elections seems to become lower with each new one. In America turnouts for the caucuses has been higher than in many years. The race for the White House is going to be the most expensive in history. Many Americans are energised ready for change as they see their country as a much more dangerous place after the tenure of George Bush.

The race here though also seems to be more of a popularity contest as the man of the hour Barack Obama really hasn’t set out his vision for America even though he believes the electorate should vote for him for change.

The question is will voting for either one of the other of the parties even here going to bring about a radical change in the way America moves forward. Countries like Britain and America who ever is in charge affects the average person very little. Most people wake up, have breakfast, go to work come home, have dinner and go to bed. The highways are maintained by local government a most of the day to day public services they use. Big government doesn’t affect them and their vote for then counts for little.

It is an irony for many that at the same time that Western Governments are now trying to force their values and political ideas on other countries. They claim that democracy is the only way forward for countries such as Afghanistan and much of the Middle East when there hasn’t been a precedent before. By trying to force these values on other countries they are causing many if these countries to become unsettled when before there had been peace if not always unity. There is supposed democracy in Afghanistan but it only goes as far as the outskirts of Kabul otherwise much of the rest of the country is held by local warlords.

Most people are disenfranchised by politics and believe their vote counts for little in the West. Whilst those who want change in other countries have only seen democracy leads to disorder as we are witnessing in Kenya now.