Some people think that the only solution to violent crime is to take guns off the streets.

To appease potential voters politicians eagerly create new laws they say will prevent crime.

Proof of how futile these efforts are can be seen in the United Kingdom, which although has very strict gun laws the UK youth are cutting each other down in the streets with knives.

The problem has gotten so out of hand that some families are even purchasing costly body armor for their children. The government is taking steps to reduce the number of knife crimes, but it is up to the average citizens to defend themselves.

British police have only now begun to report incidences involving knives, but even so, the statistics are disturbing.

In London alone, 52 teenagers a week are victims of knife violence. Also according to the Metropolitan police, knives are the weapon of choice in a third of the murders.

Another growing problem is the 169 gangs that call London home.

Nationwide a child is stabbed to death every two weeks. Knife homicides outnumber gun homicides three to one, and this figure has only increased over the last five years.

In the summer of 2006, a knife amnesty program brought in over 100,000 knives with more being confiscated and turned into police regularly. This March has seen several violent stabbings including one attack in a wealthy neighborhood where boys and girls chanted, “Kill him,” as 16 year old was stabbed to death.

The majority of these crimes are being committed by children who do not understand the consequences of their actions.

Some children treat knives as a fashion accessory and carry them to be cool. Others in fear for their lives carry them for protection. Boys have been caught bringing machetes, knives, sharpened screwdrivers, and even swords to school.

Carrying knives is not restricted to boys alone and girls have been caught with blades hidden in items like lipstick tubes. In one case, one girl stabbed another in the eye because she didn’t like her music.

Multiple arms of the British government are working to deal with the problem, but for the child confronting an armed attacker they are on their own.

Authentic close combat training is necessary for good kids who want to be safe and not break the law. If they are unable to get away, they need to know how to fight off an armed attacker without getting hurt.

Being able to handle an attacker is also something any schoolteacher should know so they can protect themselves and students until police or security arrive. Teachers are a regular target of youth offenders and last year there was an attack on a teacher every day of the school year.

The British public has to stand up and protect themselves from violent armed offenders.

Once a knife has been pulled, the situation has become life and death regardless of age, sex, or reason.

Hollywood-esque knife fighting, taught by most martial disciplines, is a ridiculous solution and sometimes walking (or running) away isn’t an option.

Even with body armor, knife attacks can still be fatal. The best way to stop from being stabbed is the same as stopping any attack. Take ground and brutally beat down your attacker until they aren’t able to fight back.

The government is taking this problem seriously, but even with all of their programs and new laws, knife attacks have only increased. Soon laws will be in place banning samurai swords and allowing knives sales only to eighteen year olds. I predict that it won’t make a damn shred of difference.

It is up to parents to educate their children on the harsh reality and consequences of violence, and up to the average citizen to defend themselves and their family.

The techniques designed to fight criminals and enemy troops in the past can help protect citizens today.