American antiques history has shown before how America has expanded confidently into the world, and then shrunk back in on itself, becoming fearful of the outer world. That fear helped make of a market hiccup in 1929 a lost decade for the world. Many studies have concluded that most of the silliest decisions possible had been made by all parties involved. During this less than necessary contraction, each nation shrank itself and each neighbor.

By 1933, the economy of the world, and America, was half what it had been in 1928, just when the punch bowl should have been pulled away, as later economists would say was then the duty of a newly created Fed. It would keep a watch, within it’s limited ability, to dig us out of this horrible hole and see to it we never descended away from civilization and prosperity into that lost decade again.

And now, we thought we had put so much thought and consideration into creating a complex web of security financial networks around the world, that it would take a terrible series of foolish actions to ever get us back into such a perilous situation again. And we find that we thought we had been making some headway and recovery, we find the books opening up to somewhat of a more horrible story.

Unlike his predecessor, or his father, the incumbent leader of the world has arrogated his legacy into one of a litany of arrogance and folly, to the extent that for the next leader of the world to fix this, is going to require that person have an opposite financial mental fix point than the incumbent.

Otherwise, the same old dangerous crew of the sky is falling lemmings with Bugs Bunny as their leader are going to keep sending us over that same cliff, to the same explosions. Not one hundred more years, if necessary, as it is not. Not necessary, not wise, and really not requested.

However Arabia pronounces Yankee Go Home, by now even the most profoundly stupid bunny could spend his Easter at home, and allow his troops the same courtesy. Bugs, George, Dick, whatever you call yourself, you long ago lost the moral authority to lead Popeye against Bluto, just poll your Olives. As for Sweet Pea, he hides when your tank rumbles on by. You both look so silly, but worst of all, make us all look silly. As the King of Spain said to the egomaniac of Venezuela, why don’t you just shut up and sit down. That goes double for you, Dick.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates has reported to Congress that he is now obligated to open nearby branch plants in Canada, 90 miles away, and have sub contract work done there, with border difficulties, America so wary. And who is causing those jobs to leave America? Must be a secret plot by O’Silly Bin Laffin. Deviously clever, that. And if you accept that, he has some swampland in Florida you will love.