How does an easy job as a Payment Processing Agent for $3,000 a month sound to you, and all you need is internet access and email. In addition, there are commissions from every payment received, and the salary may be increased up to $4,500 after the trial.

This is a job for money mules, an old scam that we reported long ago, where you will be asked to re-transfer money received from a scam victim. If there is any investigation done, you might be implicated.

The the scammers may extend this to a fake check scam. They will send a check for you to “process”, and ask you to wire cash out instead.

The bank will clear the check, and after you send the money, the bank will call you to return the money after they found the check is fake.

—–Original Message—–
From: Nick Collins [mailto:emp.ocean.nick@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 2:40 PM
Subject: Vacancy for your review, XXXXXXX


My name is Nick Collins and I represent OCEAN Group Company.

This letter confirms that your resume has been duly processed and your
skills meet our basic requirements for the Payment Processing vacancy.

OCEAN Group Inc. is a world-famous company founded and based in the USA,
which deals with IT services, matching the need of the market with the best
employees’ available world-wide.

Payment Processing Agent position is:
– Part-time (on average 2-3 hours a day (Monday through Friday)).
– Work at home (all communication is online).

What do you need?  Internet access and e-mail.

This position is offered on a probationary period (first month) basis. You
will receive a training and online support while working and being paid.

Salary for the trial period is $2300/month. In addition you will be
receiving 8% commission from every payment received from a customer and
successfully processed.  Total income, with the current volume of clients,
will be up to $4,500 per month.
After the first 30 days the base salary will be increased up to $3,000 per
month plus 8% commission!

You may ask for additional hours after your probationary period or proceed a

If you are interested in our offer and would like to learn more about the
Payment Processing Agent position, please send a form below to
NOTE: This is not a sales position.

Our representative will contact you within 24 hours.


First name:_____________________
Last name:___________________________
Country of residence:__________________
Contact phone:______________________
Preferred call time:_______________________
We’ve found your resume at www.careerbuilder.com. This letter confirms that
your resume has been duly processed and your skills and past employment meet
our basic requirements for the Payment Processing vacancy.

Best regards,

Nick Collins (Fake)
OCEAN Group Inc.