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We are happy to present
you our new project!

Today our online auction bidding company Gravity
S.A. has finally begun successful cooperation with American and EU financial

Our online auction bidding system is secured with many
ameican major banks and this is why we, as the official affiliate of these
banks, are ready to guarantee safety and security of every online auction
opeation our company processes in the USA

Available vacancies:
Customer support manager: 8 hours
per day. 2400$ per month.

Requirements: car, PC, cell and home phones,
internet access.

Assist customers from your region with full time internet
and personal support.

part-time 2-4 hours per day. From 4000$ per
month + weekly bonuses for succesful completion of daily assigments with no

Requirements: internet access and be able to check your email several
times a day, cell and home/work phones, personal/business checking bank

Age limit: from 21 y.o.
Be able to contact our managers and
customers both with your cell phone and email. Assist customers from your region
with funds processing from the initial bidder to the seller itself.

bank account is obligatory.

Become the initial third party between the seller
and the bidder from your region.

Transport manager: 6-10 hours per
day. 2400$ per month.

Requirements: car, PC, cell and home phones, internet
access. Punctuality and responsibility.

1. Become our initial representative and a
middleman between the seller and the buyer from your country.

2. Gain
authority with people from all parts of the world who really rely on your

3. Possible career growth.
4. Work effeciently with no holds and
delays and get weekly bonuses besides monthly salary for outstanding

For immediate and confidential consideration, please CLICK HERE to
send us email with the following APPLICATION

1. Your full name:
2. Your

3. Your full adress.
4. Your mobile contact phone:
5. Your
fixed/home contact phone:

6. Your work contact phone:
7. Your contact

8. Are you ready to start working with our company? (must be

9. Are you ready to accept money transfers to your bank account
(must be ‘Yes/No’)


Antony Tomberg
Staff manager