When your iphone is planted with a spyware, you will notice a faster battery drain, increase in phone bills, network activities blah blah etc. Assuming there is more than one “You” using the phone, and the phone is constantly sending out information from your phone including

  • what you say,
  • what you see,
  • what you receive write.

Wow! But nobody likes to live a life feeling like they have been watched by another GOD on earth. Mobile spyware is a double-edge sword. You would want to use it on someone, but you are afraid someone would use it on you.

How to prevent spying on your iPhone is easy by hotscams.com :

1) Always secure your iPhone using a passcode. If it is a 4 number code, we recommend to change it often.

2) Do not jailbreak your iPhone. Freedom comes at a cost – anyone else can also install programs freely on your phone.

The common software used to jailbreak is Cydia, and the latest version Evasion is recently featured in the news for nearly 7million devices hacked in 4 days (source: Forbes). One way of checking if Cydia. Please google for this term, as there are simply too many details to cover here. Some say you can swipe all the way to the left until you hit the search and type “Cydia” and see if its there.

3) Never pass your phone to anyone, e.g. to make a call or download some stuff – especially when you are walking away for a while. That little time is enough for them to download some goodies to jailbreak and install the spyware.

4) If you suspect that your phone is already infested with spyware, it will not be to find (the program) unless it is some cheap useless junk spyware. So if your phone is bugged by some expensive, high-tech, advance spyware, do a hard reset to factory setting and re-install your software one by one. You have to pay the price for letting germs into the phone. When you are sick, you have to see the doctor and pay the fees. There is no free lunch, just like what we always say on hotscams.com

5) A small advise to install a screen protector, one that is finger print resistant. This is not to protect the screen but to keep your finger prints off the number pad area, just in case there are prints left on the screen and Mr Peeping Tom can try all the 24 combinations of 4 digits to see if it will work

6) Last but not least, See no evil, hear no evil, say no evil, and you are fine. If Mr Peeping Tom isn’t watching over you, the GOD (up there) is.

7) Paste a sticker on your iPhone that says “Jailbreak or Install Spyware on my Iphone and I will SUE you!”. Legality is another issue that will not be discussed in this post. It was mentioned in some sites that it is illegal to spy on someone’s phone without permission, with the exception of parents spying on kids.

How about employers spy on their workers? If the phone is used 100% for work, probably it is ok. You can’t sue your boss for installing CCTV over your cubicle. But what if the employee calls back home to talk to wife about personal issues?

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