Do you own a bluetooth phone? Like it? Watch how this technology can be used against you. Courtesy from the Real Hustler team.

scammer will connect to your bluetooth phone without you knowing it,
and use it to call their premium rate line. Such an attack on bluetooth
handsets can also allow the hacker to send out SMS or retrieve
information from the address book.

Perhaps the best defense against the bluetooth hack is to disable it
unless you are using. In our case, we only use it when connecting and
transferring data between the handset and PC. Just need to remember to
turn it off when not using or walking around. In fact, the reason why
we always turn it off is to save battery life.

However, one of the popular use of the bluetooth feature on a handphone, is to connect it to the bluetooth earpiece. So the user will always turn on the bluetooth all the time while they are walking, driving, eating or doing something else. Perhaps additional security features or patch should be issued asap to stop widespread hacking.