We had some post in our blog regarding those online lottery and lottery
agents. The point has been made about whether they are scam or not. We
follow the principle of some experts saying that you cannot call it a
scam unless they did not deliver what they had promised.

Nevertheless, freelotto.com deserves an article here for its own. Here
are some real reasons not to join this online lottery, including giving
out your email address:

1) You will receive spam mail(s) from freelotto everyday, trying to
convince you to sign-up for the automatic number generation (i.e. paid
subscription service). There is no way to get out of it.

2) Once you sign-up with your credit card, you may have a problem canceling the subscription for the automatic number generation.

3) You will be diluting your chances of winning at the national lottery, or you will be increasing your overall gambling expenses without increasing your odds.

4) Very few people get rich by winning lottery. If you need to buy lottery every week just to secure that 0.00…00001% chances of winning the big grand prize, then invest the money in the official national lottery.

5) Why invest in another type of lottery for your whole life, and when you finally strike, you still have to worry whether you will get paid after all those years of waiting and investment.

6) If you need to pay for a lottery, would you prefer one that has live draw where you can see and ensure that it is fair, and see real winners (and not fake ones) as announced by the officials?

7) Most of the time anyone can be 99.99999…% correct when they say you cannot win the lottery and will be wasting the money. Those extra money that you save could buy your kids or parents something better for their next birthday.

btw, we are still buying lottery – but only the official ones. And we are not vested with any of the online lottery company.

It is not as if the odds of winning online lottery is better. Do you think winning an international online lottery is easier than your national lottery? My goodness, you must be getting bored winning the national lottery every week. j/k 🙂

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