Hi guys, we would like to share a scam by a visitor of our website (restaurant) owner, where she was nearly cheated in what we think is a credit card scam. Fortunately, she was quick to sense that there is something wrong here.

“I am a restaurant owner and feel that someone was attempting to scam me yesterday. The restaurant is a Pizzeria – the caller called through an instant message relay service (for the hearing impaired) and asked to order 125 large pizzas to be picked up by a “warmer delivery truck driver”.

They wanted to pay by credit card over the phone – they also wanted to add $950.00 to the credit card charge to be given as cash to the driver for the delivery payment.

I asked the person why they wouldn’t just pay the driver themselves… “because they do not have a credit card processor”. I informed them that I cannot give cashback at any time unless it were a tip to an employee of mine.

I suggested that they allow my hired delivery driver to deliver these pizzas, and they disconnected the call. The caller ID said a different number for every 3 times the caller called me. He asked for my e-mail address and my name (which I gave him), but also asked for my cellphone number (which I did not give). I wonder if it was a stolen credit card – it sure sounds like a scam to me!”

This sounds like someone is using a stolen credit card to get cash by asking for overcharging. In fact, the “delivery truck driver” could be the scammer himself. He could have picked up a lost credit card somewhere, and started using it to order food and converting the limits to cash.