Should You Take The Bait?

Unfortunately, unscrupulous home business schemes are everywhere these days. If you surf the internet, it seems as though everywhere you turn, you are flooded with ads that tell you how to earn more money than you are now, often for doing something that is easy and almost skill free work. Give us a break. These ads usually look like this:

Be part of one of America’s Fastest Growing Industries!

Hype, right?

Earn thousands of dollars a month, from your home, at only fifteen minutes a day!

It will take more than this much time just to get started and organized each day.

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The biggest secret is to start something and build it yourself, slowly, with the help of quality associates. Also, if something is great, the content in the copy will be honest hype and spell it out for you. Be afraid of people who freely toss exclamation points at you.

We have all seen these types of ads both on and off the internet. They are appealing, sure. Who does not want to earn ten thousand dollars a month for fifteen minutes of work a day? But you have to be careful.

Almost all get rich quick schemes are designed to part you from your hard earned money. If you feel your greed emotions kicking in on anything like this, it is time to click the delete button or hang up the phone.

Many of these scheme artists are great at getting lots of testimonials for you to read. What they do not tell you is that they babysat and hand fed these leads to get where they are to make their money. They will not, I repeat, they will not have time to do this with you because they are growing so fast.

When you see big name internet marketers giving testimonials keep in mind these people are extremely talented and can make almost anything work. Ninety percent of us are just not this talented. Sorry, but it is true. Ask them to put in writing how much help they are going to give you after you sign up, if no written commitment, forget about it. I have gone through this routine many times myself.

Not all work at home opportunities deliver on their promises. What many promoters of home business schemes will not tell you is that you often have to work for many hours before you earn a single cent. This is dishonesty at its worst, for by now you should know that there is no such thing as something for nothing.

Even if you are operating from a solid home business, you will have to work hard and smart if you want to be successful. If anybody else tells you otherwise, watch out. Some thing is most likely not right.

Ask Questions! Please forgive this hype exclamation point.

Avoiding dishonest home business schemes is strictly a matter of common sense. Since you will be putting your time and money into this venture, you should definitely do some research. You do this by asking intelligent questions. If they hedge on them they are a rip off and delete their message and do not communicate with them anymore.

Some questions you must ask your work at home sponsors include the below.

What is the total cost of the program being offered? Dishonest programs always carry hidden costs with them. Be sure to check the fine print before proceeding.

Ask for all the costs involved in the program, and ask them to clarify exactly what you get in return for your money. Once again, if they hedge or they promise they will tell you after you sign up, what do you do? Good, hit the delete button and put them on your permanent no list.

What exactly will I have to do? Your tasks must be clearly outlined, with every step clearly defined. Confusion on this point is often the source of future contention.

Again, do not be carried away with promises that you will not have to do much to earn your money. If it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. However, if it seems like hype but they give you all the details with extremely low costs to start, you might be on to something good.

Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission? This is another point that can cause trouble. Obviously, the compensation package you receive should be well thought out and commensurate to the service that you will be rendering.

When will I get my first paycheck? Beware of programs that will pay for your services much later after you have done the work. This might cause you short term financial difficulties and loss of valuable time that can make you discouraged about being an entrepreneur when they do not work.

By exercising a whole lot of common sense and asking intelligent questions, you should be able to avoid dishonest home business schemes.