Quick, send the cash in 30 mins or someone (you love) will be in big trouble! Don’t fall for this scam!

“…the recipient is warned a “loved one” will be killed unless he pays up.

IC3, a government task force that looks at cybercrime, says the made-over e-mails have become a bit creepier. The e-mails may contain personal information — names, titles or addresses pulled from the Internet – that leads the recipient to believe the sender really does know where he is.

Victims are told they need to call or e-mail to get instructions for wiring money, then they’re given a tight deadline – sometimes just 30 minutes – to send the cash, or else.

The scam follows the classic pattern: Introduce panic, supply a solution and, above all, encourage fast action so the victim doesn’t have time to think things through.

IC3 warns e-mail users to avoid opening these e-mails if possible, because they may contain spyware.

If you want to report them, contact IC3