Ms. Foster receieved a fake check for a preliminary pay of $4,890, and she has to pay $2,985 in “government tax” in order to received the “remaining prize of $250,000.

In a real lottery, the tax is deducted from your winnings. And they don’t send you a check for you to bank in, and wire money back again – stupid, isn’t it? The people running a real lottery a good and smart people, and they don’t do such a stupid thing like what the scammer is asking for.

And what about the $4,980 check? It will probably clear in 3 days, and another 7 days later, the bank would probably call you up to tell you that the check is fake and you would have to return $4,980 back to the bank. So if you have wired $2,985 to the scammer thinking that you have payment of $4,980 in the bank, you are terribly wrong.

Don’t let such scams take away your Christmas joy. Don’t ever let the scammers buy their Christmas ham and turkey at your expense.