This is one of the biggest loss to lottery scams that we have seen. How could anyone continue to pay and pay so much money without even realising something is wrong. Greedy Pigs Get Slaughtered!
A bogus lottery has sucked an estimated $500,000 from the pockets of local resident…

The catch, the grifters tell their victims, is that they have to pay
taxes and other fees on the winnings before they can collect in full.
Then, fake calls from fake government agencies follow, with
representatives purporting to be from across the United States and
Costa Rica.

They continue collecting the “taxes” and “penalties,” promising the big
payoff is on the way once the “winners” have paid their governmental

Authorities were notified of the scam on April 24.

If you think somebody’s trying to swindle you with a fake lottery,
contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.com.
Why are people still tricked by lottery scam? Please see our posts here: Lottery Scam. As we have said, the Scammers will continue to “Milk you Dry” as long as you still believe it is a scam. This victim lost $500,000, and amount equivalent to the smallest lottery around the world. But the real winner is the SCAMMER!