Watch out for subscription/charges that you did not order. It appears
that such scams are on the rise and may also apply to individuals, e.g.
magazine subscription scam, magazine renewal scam, etc. It may occur
anywhere, and not just in New Zealand.


A multibillion-dollar global company has been conned out of $200,000,
becoming the latest victim of an advertising scam sweeping the country.

The company, which police refused to name until
investigations are completed, paid for advertisements in about 10
different magazines it did not order.

It is now crucial to
a police case against publishers thought to be behind an operation that
has netted millions of dollars from small New Zealand businesses,
including several in Manawatu.

Detective Ash Johnstone, of
Wellington’s proceeds of crime department, said the alleged invoicing
offences against the company occurred between October 2008, and March
this year.

The company, with global annual revenue of more
than $10 billion, was “creamed”, showing how large companies were also
at risk, he said.

“There still seems to be a lot of people paying invoices willy nilly.”

Wellington magazine the company paid for advertising with Local Bodies
Directory is one of a list of publications police are investigating to
establish if they exist, he said.