During Christmas time, scammers posed as cleaner to help clear up the snow at the driveway, but they can pose as anybody anytime just to break into homes.

Two men sit in Laurel County Jail accused in a string of scams in Southern Kentucky. Police say the men are part of a group called the Irish Travelers, which may be responsible for crimes in several other states as well.

Charles Ingle, 86, says seven years ago he was scammed by a man named Paul O’Hara. Ingle says O’Hara demanded $5,000 for a paint job initially quoted for $250.


Ingle’s daughter, Joann True, says she did what she could to find the man she says was responsible but had no luck.

Now a Paul O’Hara sits in the Laurel County jail with brother Billy. Police say the two may have been involved in a recent string of scams, mostly targeting the elderly.

Local investigators are now working with agencies from multiple states. They believe the O’Hara brothers were part of a group called the Irish Travelers, known to pose as utility workers to enter a home and then steal from their victims.