Finally, something that we have been doing for the past 3 years, but don’t have the means to track down the scammers to skin them alive. This is great, but its useless unless this is done:

Forward the Mail with the Mail Header, because that contains the IP address information, which can be traced to the mail servers and identify the scammer. If the scammer is using a proxy server, it might also be traceable.

This month, Dorset residents are being encouraged to fight back against the fraudsters by collecting any scam mailings they receive and dropping them into the designated ‘Scamnesty’ bins at all Dorset County Council libraries. There is also a ‘virtual bin’ on the Consumer Direct website www.consumerdirect.gov.uk for consumers to drop in their email scams.

 Scam mailings collected from the ‘Scamnesty’ bins could provide crucial intelligence to Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading, help with future investigations, and prevent others from being scammed.

Check out our oldest reports in 2007 or earlier, and you will find all the IP address of the scammers.