Rebate processor jobs are new opportunities that have been sweeping the work at home community and have grown in popularity. They make some amazing claims of how much money you can make by doing ridiculously simple work.

The problem with rebate processor jobs is that like so many other online opportunities they are nothing more than an over exaggerated bait and switch scheme. What they tell you as truth is in reality twisted and bent to fit what they really want to sell you.

What you really get with these courses on rebate processing is just an internet marketing course. The rebates that you will be processing come from programs that you are selling through affiliate marketing. So you basically sign up for a company affiliate program then market their products with a rebate.

If you get a sale then you technically share your commission with the customer in the form of a rebate. That is it, there are no real companies that use home employs to process their rebates. The only form of rebate processing jobs online is through these misleading programs.

Theoretically this strategy of offering discounts on products that you are selling is not bad in itself. There are many marketers who do it every day and are making great money with it; the difference is that they are very experienced in sales.

In the advertisements for these rebate processor jobs nowhere does it say that you have to be good at sales. They claim that anybody can do it as long as they have a computer and the very costly start up fee. In reality the people that buy these rebate processor courses never make any money, and most of them spend their time trying to unsuccessfully get a refund when they find out what this really is.

The other thing that they don’t tell you about rebate processing jobs is that in order to market these products you will most likely have to spend money on advertising. They tell you that there are free ways of doing this but those methods yield poor results, and the most effective way costs money.

The worst part is that since these companies themselves have affiliate programs that payout very well there are many marketers who are promoting these rebate processor jobs. They know full well that the people who buy them will not make a penny but they still promote them in an effort to get paid themselves.

Overall the idea and the concept behind home rebate processor jobs seem very appealing and many people believe the claims that they can make up to fifteen dollars per rebate processed. However these programs are not what they say they are.

You will be paying for an internet marketing strategy that requires you to sell first then process rebates second. You can do this without paying the fee for the course since affiliate programs are free to join and you can simply offer your own rebate on the products without paying two hundred dollars to have someone tell you to.