Angel Stevens has been marketing her rebate processing work from home opportunity for some time now. The program makes some outrageous claims like that you can make up to fifteen dollars per rebate processed.

When people read her website they being doing the math and figure that at that enormous pay rate they can be making over a hundred dollars per hour. This seems incredible and it does so for a reason, because it is a fairy tale.

Even if there were legitimate companies that provided you with rebate work the pay would most likely be less than a dollar per rebate. However these rebate processing jobs don’t exist and what you’re really paying for is a cleverly disguised internet marketing technique.

Angel Stevens lays out a plan for you that is nothing like what she advertises. She has you believe that these companies are in actual need of someone to process these rebates for them, when in fact the companies that she has listed on her website have never heard of Angel Stevens or Process at home.

What she really tells you to do is to sign up with ClickBank, if you’ve been around internet marketing you know that it’s a huge website that hosts products with affiliate programs. The kicker is that CB is free to join and very simple to use without the need for a two hundred dollar course to teach you how.

What Angela does is simply advise you to sign up for CB then begin to advertise the products they have listed in their network. The way that people make money with these is that they refer customers to their affiliate links, if the customer purchases the affiliate then earns a commission between 10-50 percent of the sales price.

The process at home system by Angel Stevens simply tells you to offer a part of your commission as the rebate to the customer. Thus you are not really processing rebates as you are simply enticing people to buy digital products at a discounted rate and are earning less commission per sale.

Finally the other thing that she does not reveal to you until after you have purchased the program is that in order for people to see your rebate offer you will need to advertise. If you know anything about internet marketing you already know that this means spending money. You can put up pay per click ads that advertise your rebate offer and you will have to pay money whenever some clicks on your ad.

Again this method can work and there are many internet marketers who are doing it, my problem is that Angel Stevens markets the program as work at home job. If her program was upfront and she didn’t deceive people then there wouldn’t be thousands of people calling it an Angel Stevens Scam.

There are also a ton of complaints about process at home regarding refunds. The majority of people who have requested a refund have reported having an extremely difficult time in getting it. Again if the program was straightforward about what it was there wouldn’t be so many refunds in the first place.