Guys, watch out for this scam, which is also known as Google Money Kit, that became widespread since last November. It is not entirely new, but not many people might be aware of it at this point.

We are not going to repeat what is mentioned on the link below, as it has quite a bit of explanation on the matter.

In summary, this is how they do it:

1) Links will show up at popular sites such as Facebook to sell the “make money with google scam”

2) Users will be redirected to websites with a fake news article about “Jobs: Is Working Online At Home The Next Gold Rush”

3) There will links to let you join a “Online Profit Club”.

According to sources, they will take your money and sell your information. But anything goes for work at home scam, including money transfers and fake checks.

Bewarned, there is no such thing as Google Profit, Google Money Kit, etc. Anything that is legal is only found when you check out Google.com.

Scammer Website:

SCAM: http://www.biznews7.org/


Google Profit Scam
This site has a link to the main scam site, which is selective on who gets to see it (Scans your geographic location by IP address).

To find out more, check out the news link below.