This is another scam news related to Facebook, the no. 2 site on Alexa. We are really busy at right now helping some readers on some complaints against vendor. Please see the key excerpt below or visit the news site. In this case, the scammer is a hacker who stalks a victim, and move in using fake identity for the kill. Please help to spread this around. While Janet was at home on the North Shore last July, a hacker was on Facebook chat telling her friend she was overseas and in need of help. The hacker had researched Janet online and had enough information to make Janet’s friend think it was really her. “They started chatting with her, saying I was at a writers conference in London, that I was held up at gunpoint, that all my money was taken, and my credit cards. I needed money to get home and that I didn’t even have a plane ticket,” she said. The friend, who lives in Brookline, thought Janet was in real trouble. She wired $9,000 to London via Western Union. The hackers collected the cash with a fake ID that they made based on information from her Facebook account. “They now see it as another avenue to scam money from people and scam anything they can from people,” said Boston-based social media guru Patrick O’Malley. He goes by the handled 617patrick.