Have you heard of people making over $10,000 selling their products on Ebay? For some, online auctions like Ebay are their main, or only source of income. But making money on Ebay isn’t something that can be done overnight.

You will need to analyze the potential market, and choose your products carefully in order to maximize your profit.

The first step in order to attract buyers to look professional. When listing your product, don’t describe your product as “Cool fone 4 sale.” Use proper spelling and grammar but keep you description short and sweet.

Be descriptive but make sure it is short and to the point. Use high quality photos and make your add attractive, but not so glamoured up that it looks tacky. Choosing the proper category to list your product in is also important. Try to put your item in the most descriptive category as possible.

If you are selling a smart phone, instead of listing in the cell phone category, list your item in the Cell phones, Smart Phones category. This will help to attract specific buyers who are interested only in your article.

Next, you should perform some research. By learning what the demand for your product is, and what the average price it is selling at, will help you determine the most affective strategy when selling your product on Ebay.

When people look at you Ebay listing, after looking at the picture, they look at the writing. In order to have the most affective listing, you should spend time creating a well crafted listing that will entice potential buyers. However, it is important to remember that too much reading may turn people away from your ad.

The more payment options the better. By allowing potential buyers to pay via credit card, PayPal, personal check, or money order, you are attracting more buyers.

If you limit your payment options, you may be losing out on buyers who are unable to pay through your selected payment options

The first step to ensuring the correct pricing for your item is to do some research. Search for your item, and similar items on EBay. By getting a better understanding of how other people have priced their items, you can also charge the same price, keeping your item competitive,

Don’t think that you can charge a bit extra and make some more money because most likely buyers will go for other items and not yours. Don’t go onto EBay thinking that you will be able to ask for the full price of your item, or even half the price.

If you are selling a used item, you will be lucky to get three quarters of the price you bought it for. Try setting your reserve price, or the lowest bid that you will sell for, at at least half of the price you bought the item for.

Of course if you are offering a rare or collectible item, you will be able to charge higher price. Also remember that you need to take into account shipping costs.

If your item is selling for $70 but shipping will cost the buyer an additional $30, they may be turned down by the fact that the item costs $100.

Ahh, now we get to the final part of any EBay transaction, shipping. Without shipping your transaction can’t be completed.

The right shipping practices will help to ensure that your customer receives their item in perfect condition. This will make the difference between a happy and unhappy customer, as well as negative or positive feedback.

Remember to use proper packaging. If you are shipping multiple items or pieces, wrap each item individually to ensure proper protection. Pack your package with bubble warp or packing peanuts.

Because packing peanuts may move while being shipped, it is a good idea to pack the peanuts in tightly so that you can hear no rattling. You can also use new rigid side boxes.

These boxed have corrugated sides, offering maximum stability and strength, and will ensure that your box does not get crushed in transit. Remember not to exceed the maximum gross weight of the box you are using. It is important that you package and tape your shipment up right.

Cellophane tape, masking tape, string, or paper tape will not be sufficient when packaging your item, and most postal services won’t accept a package that has been taped using these methods.

Try using water activated paper tape, nylon reinforced tape, or pressure sensitive plastic tape to ensure your package stays safe in transit.

By following these safe packaging practices, you will help to ensure both you and your customer are satisfied. This will result in a positive feedback on EBay and will encourage buyers to buy from you.

“A majority of sellers will see their fees go down,” said company spokesman Usher Lieberman. “We are basing our success on their success and we want to encourage sellers to list more items with us.”

Firstly, you should always check the persons feedback. In general, I only deal with buyers or sellers with a rating of 95% or greater. You can also see what other EBay members say about the member you are buying from or selling to, so you can be sure that you are informed before you go through with the transaction.

Most phishing on EBay comes in the form of buyers offering to pay you through a bank to bank transfer or through money order deposited directly into your bank account. These methods of payment require you to reveal your personal information about your bank account numbers, and will allow the scammer to make purchases online using your identity.

Remember to never, ever, EVER, give out any personal information on the Web, unless it to a secure and trusted website.

The second form of phishing comes in the form of fake emails claiming to be from Ebay or PayPal, asking for your personal information. These emails will come in the form of the standard PayPal or EBay emails, complete with pictures and warnings to never give out your personal information.

The sender will always be service at paypal but the actual email account used to send the email will be a third party free service. The most common third party email account is … at account Remember, EBay, PayPal, and any other large corporation send emails from their own domain name.

If you put your mouse over the link they want you to click in their email then look in the status window on the bottom left of your browser you will also see that the link does not take you to paypal, but a site that looks exactly like it so they can steal your login information if you try to login there to check your account without knowing any better.

If you happen to receive one of these emails help the fight against identity theft by forwarding the respected email to either spoof at paypal or spoof at ebay so they can track the origin of the email and hopefully stop another source of fraudulent emails.