Said this on 7-27-2011 At 07:35 pm

It seems has had a rash of scammers and I was hit by 5 of them. After the first two I now call their bluff and ask for their full name so I can google them

The first mand told me he was from Texas and working in Ireland but he could not tell me the hotel he was staying in. He wrote me every couple of hours. We even went to IM. Its when he told me he needed to go to Nigeria to pick up back pay that I knew my instincs were correct aand that he was scamming me. He even gave me flight info (which checked out ) and hotel(also checked out) but told me when he gotthere that to pick up his back pay he needed me to send him some money to pay the taxes. By the time I alerted bikerkiss he had already been deleted.

the 2nd scam is that they live far from you with a 16 year old daughter and are widowed. Thye are willing to travle anywhere for love. When asked for their name to be googled they stop e-mailing.

So far I hve notified Bikerkiss 6 times. By the time I do and it with in minutes they are no longer on bikerkiss, Can someone tell me if BikerKiss is legit or a front for scams and those of us who are it for real are just being used.
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Said this on 4-29-2011 At 11:31 pm

So, about ten days ago I met a guy named Michael Furchik on equestrian cupid .com Oh he was attentive, spiritual,,which only allowed me to have deep conversationns with him. He said that he was widowed three years with a daughter named Erica.So, after sharing everything under the sun he tells me that he wants to send me flowers..great! three days later he says “he is ruined” because the card he used to send the flowers was “scamed” for every penny..and now his daughter will starve..Are you kidding me? this guy said he made a lot of money. So…I gave him benifit of dought but no way send him money because I knew it was off…so then he sends me the canceled FTD emailed to him..later I studied it closer and saw it was sent from a “sexybonnie 101”. Next I am on my Instant message both michael 101 and sexy bonnie 101 appeared..across my computer screen in very small print was “NO PICTURES RETREIVED” then my computer began to mess up. I took it to get looked at and was told that it was being hacked! So, I didnt tell you that this Michael sent me pics of a good looking guy which I thought was him..but wonder if that guy even knows someone has his pictures!! Anyway, I deleted my yahoo account and my hard drive is struggling still. My advice..Listen to your intuiton..Oh yeah..Melissa is a name he will use as a freind or deseased wife.
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Said this on 7-24-2010 At 01:44 pm


I just want to warn ladies of jeff torrence, was suppose to be in Cape Town Sout Africa builing a multi-million daollar project on the airport. He is a major smooth taliking scammer. he first told me he had put up his 2 homes in Georgia for collateral and would be back in 21 days or so, then the fun began, he semds me an e-mail with a sob story that he was so shocked he was going to run out of money to pay the SA workers and they didnt like white men., oh could i help him wit this till he can get back to the states. My first instinct was to stop. But Jeff had such a charming way with me, that he found i have a kind heart and he was just picking at it. Then he is flying home to get more money and on Thur evening when he was suppose to fly home and come by and see me first and foremost; he was in a horrible taxi wreck and the taxi driver died and he was in a mid town hospital near cape town. A lady calls my cell phone that Jeff was in this horrible wreck and he was injured bad. Real bad head injuries in very poor launguage. I feel now he just had someone call and say this I tryed to call the hospitals in that area and checked the SA news and there was no taxi wreck. The next thing I get is an email that he is using the pastors laptop to let me know he is ok, he said i ahve bad head injury and cuts all over , he sad you better be worried about me i almost died in this wicked country. Please dont let me die here. Then the next e-mail i get he is telling me the hospital is going to stop treatment on him if he don’t get like 1800.00 immediately and they could seize his documents if he dont pay in a foreign land. Then the next thing he does is call my boss lady and tell her that i said to call her to get the money.i knew then i had majorly been taliking to a con man, he tried for two months to scam more money out of me and my friends. so beware of JeffTorrence, he uses e-mail, started on Match.Com and he only wanted to e-mail via yahoo. Also uses phone #011-(277) 363-63906 and this was still a working number I called in him the middle of the night his time, and he acted like he didn’t even know me and pretended to be snoring. what an asshole, after trying to scam me and my boss for 3 months a now he don’t know me, i don’t think so, we need to stop this bull, i work hard for my money and am not that sedperate for love, but I caution others this can happen to you at a weak moment or just fro being naive from the flattery.Oh i was his princesss and he was coming to rescue me, like Richard Gere did for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Well i hadn’t seen my night ride up yet, when he is in South Africa and I am in the South. So be careful people. I am reporting this to the FBI, and the International Fraud unit as well as contacting the S. Afican Govt., as he is working as a poser on a job at the airport. Maybe he need to be put on high alert with the fly zone. we just all need to report all this to all authorities invoved and stop this sick act of scamming innocent people only leaving them broke, and heartbroken over someone elses greed, a game with human life. These Animals like Jeff Torrence from Grayson/Atlanta Ga., is a Fraud, an Animal, he is not a normal person to do this to anyone.
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Wisconsin Girl
Said this on 1-18-2011 At 12:26 pm
In reply to #1

I’m blown away. I just joined Match… I was contacted by a very good looking man from RI, but he told me he was from GA. He did ask for my e-mail and I did give it. In his e-mail he tells me he’s in contruction, mother from UK, father deceased, born on 3/28/1965.

Is this the same guy. I’m leary of anyone who is not local because why would you want to try to start a relationship with anyone so far away… So I started doing some research. It brought me here.

Now I’m just sick… I guess if at anytime something seems to be too good to be true, it is.

Thank you!
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Michigan girl
Said this on 1-18-2011 At 07:23 pm
In reply to #2

I think I have been contacted by the same person. I had my guard up and I kept wondering if what he was saying was true. Thank God I found these comments. Same story about him being from GA was in RI for awhile on business. Says his mom was from UK but has not passed away dad died when he was 3 years old. He is a real smooth talker and I kept wondering if he was real. What an jerk. Please ladies beware.
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Ark girl
Said this on 1-27-2011 At 07:50 pm
In reply to #3

I have been contacted by this same man. Met on and wanted my personal email address. He gave me the same story as mentioned above.

He has asked for my phone number several times but I have not given it to him. I was curious at first and then the more he contacted me the more leery I became.

Thanks for posting your blogs so I now know who and what I am dealing with.
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Michigan Gril
Said this on 2-9-2011 At 12:32 pm
In reply to #4

Same thing happened to me!!! he has not tried for any money but he will since he is going to South Africa for a $900,000,000 business!!! He is using phone 404 9497329. He was raised by his mother from the UK and adopted a child since he goes to orphanages all the time and one girl was always crying everytime he left, so he adopted her. WOW!!! He has a very strange accent. Nice to know!!!

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