Watch out for websites like this, disguised as a foreign website with no contact address. It is easy to setup a shopping cart using pirated scripts and “professional” looking graphics.

The guys behind these did not make any effort to hide their whois identity, and this is what we found from a whois search showing that it originates from China.  

Registrant Contact:
   zhang jin
   jin zhang @ymail.com
   +86.15800522964  fax: +86.15800522964
   shanghai shanghai 201612

However, there is nothing on the website showing that it is from China, including a contact address. What if you need a refund? What if you have an issue to complaint, where do we find them? Is this a reputable company or a home-made website ran by a one-man show with just a computer and a table? Are they related to Pandora UK?

If you are looking for a branded product, never buy from a dodgy website like this. It only costs $9 to buy a domain name and anyone could download a cheap shopping cart software easily. Sites like this could be setup within 3 days, and anyone could probably setup 10 of such sites within a month.

Even when we talk about brick and mortar stores, there are companies that set up to look like the global companies, including brands such as Star Bucks and Watsons.


This is a submitted reported regarding this website:


Hi, I recently bought over £100 worth of Pandora charms from what I thought was the official Pandora website. I have contacted the sellers to say that I am not happy with the products as I was expecting genuine charms and I got a load of cheap looking trinkets delivered from Hong Kong.  I realise that I cannot do anything about it now but I wanted to inform you so that you can look into it. The email of the person I have been dealing with is  pandoraonlinestore@yahoo.com. This woman is called Lucy.

The website is  http://www.charmpandorajewellery.com/

If you take a look at it, it just looks like the official Pandora website. I know I’ve benn had, and it was very silly of me to think I could get the charms for so little but I really did think it was some kind of past seasons collection (I have recently bought a bracelet and a few charms from a shop and the new stuff wasn’t on the site).

I don’t know if you can do anything about this but I thought I’d contact you having read your website. Maybe if they can be stopped then other people would be spared being ripped off.

The only thing I can do is post this everywhere to warn others about this! 

Thank you,