We missed out the news of 4 “black money” scammers caught by the police at Tennessee in mid-July. This is a great news that deserves a place in our archive.

“U.S. Secret Service agent Randy Hall said victims have been loosing
hundreds of thousands of dollars in what’s called a “Black Money” cash
advance fee scam.
It all starts with an unsolicited e-mail you get in your account
asking for your help. In almost all cases it’s a Nigerian-based scheme
promising you thousands, or millions of dollars.

Jim Winsett with the Chattanooga Better Business Bureau said “we would
like to think that common sense would kick in at that point and time.”

But common sense is sometimes not that common.”

Note the line highlighted in red, which is exactly our point. Experienced people would always think that common sense could help avoid scams. On the other hand, the millions of dollars lost worldwide to 419 scams does not seem to agree with the point that common sense works for every common people.