If you are new to the internet and looking to be successful at internet marketing it is important you have the right plan, structure and tools in place. This article outlines seven things you need to succeed at internet marketing:

1. A target market with a big problem

Research is so very essential when you are looking to succeed at internet marketing because without it you have no idea who your target market is and without knowing that you have no idea who you are targeting your advertising too and without knowing that you are sending out messages that are not hitting a mark.

You need to decide on your target market and then discover what their problem is, what is it they need to solve and how can you help them with that.

2. Customers who buy from you over and over again

You want to make sure that once you have your target market that you have a variety of products that you can sell to them so that you don’t have to keep finding new customers for new areas. There are people who work in this way but it is hard work because you are effectively starting again with each new area.

A website or blog

With the amazing changes in blog templates it’s possible to create a blog that looks like a website without the hassle that having to maintain a website needs. To succeed at internet marketing you need a base to promote from and that base could be a website or a blog and it can also be both. You never have to limit yourself to just one either, three blogs all with different templates and providing slightly different information is a great way to get yourself noticed.

A product

You can’t succeed at internet marketing without a product and it doesn’t have to be your own. Find digital products that you can sell as an affiliate marketer or try drop shipping physical products. You might prefer to promote a membership site or develop your own information products that you sell. There are a number of opportunities so it is important that you find one that works for you.

A list

Succeeding in internet marketing without a list is not impossible but it does make your job much harder. Having your target market and then getting customers from that market who buy from you over and over again is the best way to succeed. I didn’t start to make a living in internet marketing until I started to build a list.


Of course you can’t build a list if there isn’t anyone visiting your site. Getting visitors to your site and then converting those visitors to buying customers should always be your ultimate goal. Using article marketing, press releases, social bookmarking, blogs, social networks and all those online resources will mean that you can get a lot of your traffic without having to pay. Of course eventually using pay-per-click advertising is still an effective way but it is not as essential as it once was.

A Winning Attitude

Marking and mindset go together if you want to succeed at internet marketing and you should never underestimate the benefits of a winning attitude. It may not make you money in itself and it will not guarantee your success but it will get you though the tough times and negativity will almost certainly cause you to fail. You need to keep going in the face of adversity but you also need to know when to walk away! You need to believe in your ability to set a goal and achieve it but you also need to know when you have set yourself too high a target.

So there you have it, the seven things that I believe anyone who is new to the internet needs to succeed in internet marketing. If you start with those as your focus it will be difficult for you to go wrong and if you are struggling at making money online you might want to look at which of those seven are currently missing for you because adding them may make a big difference to your internet based business.