Recently one of our customers happen to get his money ($10,000) back from vendor which we would not mention here. This was after a complaint report was posted, and after about 6 months, the vendor decided to return the cash. There was no explanation by the vendor to state their case. After they returned the money, the complainant asked that we remove the report (starts with “I was Scammed”). We agree that since the vendor has conceded that they are at fault and returned the money, we would remove that report. In future, we would prefer to post the clarification as “money was returned”. In fact, we think that this would help the company boost their reputation.

Subsequently, we are getting more and more questions and complaints about other vendor. There is a complaintboard on the web, so we recommend that anyone who has anything to complaint, please use that place first.

However, if the case is brought to our attention, we would normally try to help a little. We are not offering professional services on this website for free. is mainly a publishing site. We are not interested in defaming others, but in some cases we would state facts that could help companies review their sites or actions.

One particular example is the scam. We don’t have to call it a scam for a start. We just need to ask the public a question, Is this a Scam? There are so many loopholes with this site that we don’t find in a reputable University. If they are real, we welcome a letter to explain their case, and perhaps improve trustworthness index – a secret that buyers like us have with any sites. Sometimes, we just need to flip a few pages and say:

“No, I won’t buy from these people” – I don’t even bother to call them a possible scam. If a company does not even try to make themselves credible by offering the basic information, we don’t waste our time but look elsewhere.


“Yes, I would buy” – There are 2 expectations from this statement. One is we expect them to deliver on schedule, and in the correct quality and quantity. Another is that we expect them to deliver, but we are not sure about the quality.

There are two type of scams when it comes to buying. We will leave this to a new category called “Buying from China”. No, we are not saying that Chinese suppliers are scammers. I have bought tonnes of things from China, and there are really good vendors there.

Scammers are everywhere. However, we will use some examples of dealing with them in another article.

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