There has been a lot written about cellulite and cellulite machines. Having cellulite is not a medical condition and most of what you may have read about cellulite machines is a bunch of B.S.

There has been a lot of money made by those who coerce the uneducated for their own benefit. Who would be educated on a cellulite machine, anyway? Most people who have cellulite don’t even know what a cellulite machine is.

Of course, this machine was not built to manufacture cellulite, but rather to try and reduce unsightly clumps of fat, skin and water that accumulate on the buttocks and upper thighs. So, a cellulite machine should be built with the idea of reducing the amount of this material? Right?

What are Bands On A Cellulite Machine?

The most stereotypical view of a cellulite machine is the band, or other rotating object, that one puts around their hips and allows to vibrate, rub or otherwise oscillate in some fashion close to the offending areas. If one would just stop for a minute and contemplate such a device, it is clear the concept is not to rub the cellulite away but rather change the condition of the skin in some fashion.

Therefore, such a cellulite machine actually promotes circulation to the skin in the area. This can do several things. It will promote new tissue growth, reduce the amount of water and other fluids close to the skin and generally improve the health of the skin, but not necessarily help with your cellulite problem.

Promoting this type of machine as a machine that reduces cellulite is, therefore, misleading as cellulite reduction is really a secondary result. Believe it or not, such machines may improve the concentration of cellulite in the area, in the short term, by pushing the fluids elsewhere.

One positive note about one of these machines is that if a cellulite machine is used consistently it might improve the quality of the skin, but as said above, it is in no way guaranteed to get rid of your cellulite.

The Real Cellulite Reducing Machines

It is a well known fact that truly toned muscles and skin rarely exhibit these unsightly lumps of cellulite that seem to stick to most women. How often do you see the signs of cellulite on the rippling muscles of a runner or other athlete unless their condition has changed drastically in the short term?

Therefore, a true cellulite reducing machine may be you. Yes, an “actual” commitment to your health, losing extra weight, and using any of the weight machines at your gym. Those weight and exercise machines are the most effective cellulite machines I have ever come across, but they don’t work without you.

As you age you might need to combine these with some stimulation of the skin itself to maintain skin health as well, but more likely, if the muscle itself is toned and there is a minimum of subcutaneous fat, then cellulite should not be a major issue for you to deal with.