In most cases of scam reported in this category, they normally refer to fake organisations exploiting recent disasters by asking for donation money. There is a different case in China, and some called it the 2006 Nanjing Peng Yu Case. The real story went like this:

In 2006, an old lady by the name of Mdm Xu (aged 65), fell while trying to squeeze herself through a crowd to board a public bus. She was injured with a broken hip. Peng Yu happened to be nearby and went to her aid. He helped to bring her to the hospital and even gave her a small sum of money.

Instead of thanking Peng Yu, the old lady accused Peng Yu of causing her fall and sued him in court. The weirdest part is when Nanjing court decided to rule in favour of Mdm Xu, ordering Peng Yu to pay part of her medical bills. The reason by the court was “Peng Yu would not have helped her if he had not caused the fall in the first place”. An amusing reason, which the court did not realise the repercussions that this would create nationwide, as it delivered the message: Do Not Help Strangers!

Recently, there was another case in China where a 2-year old girl was knocked by van and left bleeding while 18 passers-by ignored her. It was not until when she was knocked second time by a van that a rag collector finally pulled her out of harm’s way.

The entire nation was outraged, but many were quick to point out the case of 2006 where the good samaritan was accused and sued in court for lending a helping hand. Numerous examples of similar incidents have occurred since 2006 to show how the Nanjing ruling had a chilling effect on the potential good Samaritan. Is this an excuse or a valid reason? Had the rag collector helped the young girl because he has nothing to lose (being a beggar)?

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