We have always told people that all the lottery winnings on email are scams. But have you ever wondered the people who are playing these “online lottery” or “emailed lottery programmes” for real, and would in fact, win real lottery money for themselves?

These “people” are the scammers. They will send out thousands of spam, lottery scam mails to people like you and me. Its like buying “free lottery tickets”. The more they “buy” (send mails), the more they are likely to win.

So when do the scammers “win the lottery” setup by themselves? Obviously, when some victims let greed get over]]> their head, believe in their story, and wire money over the the scammers to pay for “lottery fees, legal fees, transaction fees, etc”.

There are many people who asked me if the Pepsi, Coca-Cola, BMW, Guinness lotteries, etc, are real.

They are “real” only for the scammers. They are THE ONLY ONES who will win in the “lottery”. If you choose to reply to them, you will be one of the contributors to their “lottery winnings”. That also means that you will only get poorer, and nowhere richer.

If you hide that several thousands of dollars somewhere in your house and forget about the lottery scam mails, you will come back richer by that several thousands of dollars after the greed wears off. Don’t let the scammers be the winner, but be the winner yourself.