A new scam using the name of “Guinness” with a prize award of more than $800k. This time, they provided a new reason of how you are selected, based on your IP address(!?). How did they know an IP address based on an email address, unless they mean the whois information of the email domain. What if it is a free email address from Yahoo?

It is quite puzzling when there are still people hoping that such emails “might be” real. Isn’t it obvious that there were NEVER a REAL lottery on earth ever issued based on selection of your email (or BS IP address). If such lottery exists, it would be on the official news… and not some crappy email from @hotmail and redirecting to @yahoo.co.uk.

Information for the FBI and police is attached:

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Guinness World wide Fundamental Draw.
Diageo Ireland
P.O. Box 1759
Co. Kerry

Notification Centre.

Ireland/United Kingdom.
Date: 24 December 2006


This is to finally Announce the Guinness World wide Fundamental Draw which had been on prospectus for over six years.


This G.W.W.F.D is specially arranged by the Head Quarter of Guinness Irish brewery,Dublin,Ireland.

All participants of this on-line promotion programme were selected randomly from all Continent with assistant of the I.p address which represents different countries World Wide, your email address was randomly extracted through a computer draw system extraction machine.

Your email address represents one of the Luck winners of the selected seven continents.Which makes you one of the winners of this Guinness World wide Fundamental Draw. However, being an electronic promotion,all email addresses were assigned to different E-Code Number for representation and privacy.

Your e-mail address assigned to E-Code number: (34853258954 248) E-drawn lucky numbers:74-55-23-17-19-62, and a bonus number of 42 which subsequently won you the G.W.W.F.D.You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of $820,999.00 in cash.


In other to redeem your $826,956.00 (Eight Hundred And Twenty Six Thousand Nine Hundred And Fifty Six US Dollas ). Lucky fund, you are to contact your redeem manager through email or fax for prompt collection of your lucky fund from the designated Payment Unit in London Branch office.


Kindly be aware that the G.W.W.F.D co-ordinating Board do not know you in person or your curriculum Vitae(C.V) so you will be needed to send your C.V along with your Facial means of Identification by way (Land, Sea Or air) on your contact with the assigned Redeem Manager.


Curriculum Vitae(C.V) should contain as follows.


Full Names:
All Contact Address:
Phone number(s):
Fax Number(s):
Company Name:
marriage status:
Next of kin:
Date of birth:

Facial means of Identification by way, should contain one of this options.

Drivers License or International Passport:




Guinness World wide Fundamental Draw
Overseas Claims Unit/ London Branch 7.
Name: Dr. Maxwell Anderson
Tell: +44 871 504 5561

Tell: +44 702 407 5902

Fax: +44 870 479 1176
Note: on your contact with Dr. Maxwell Anderson, you are to request from him, his drivers license or international passport for facial identification on your own part, to verify that you are dealing with the assigned Redeem Manger as advised. Also you are to quote your E-code Number  to the redeem manager on your contacting him.


*Staffs of Guinness Company World wide are automatically disqualified in this program. Please if you are a Guinness Staff, you are to report to the Redeem manager immediately.


Accept my hearty congratulations once again!

Yours Truly,
Rev. Wilton Bour
G. Manager (Notification Department)

Countinue Drinking…………