Fake checks scams never seem to die, but this one seemed to have a funny twist where the buyer sends a fake check with a larger sum and asked for a REAL check to cover the difference. My goodness, if I am the seller I will simply ask the Buyer to quit drinking alcohol and rewrite the check with the proper amount, double check and resend again.

“The Massachusetts Department of Revenue says scammers are using fraudulent checks bearing the name and address of the agency to bilk Craigslist sellers out of their money.

Officials say the scam begins when the buyer contacts a seller on the auction Web site about an item and sends a phony department check for more than the item’s amount.

The buyer then asks for a real check in return to cover the difference between the phony check and the sales price of the item.

A seller who is victimized could deposit the bad check, send money to the scammer and ship the item all before realizing the trick.

A revenue spokesman says the hoax has shown up in other states besides Massachusetts, including Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin and Kentucky. “