Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport officials want the public to be aware of a pet scam involving bogus purchases and false claims that animals are being detained at the airport.

The airport has some tips:

• Recent scams have come from Cameroon shipping, Atlanta_intl_airport@usa.com and pet_department001@mail2aaron.com.

• Scam e-mails use unofficial airport e-mail addresses. All official
Department of Aviation e-mails will have @atlanta-airport.com addresses.

• Be wary of sellers who communicate only through e-mail. A
legitimate transaction should allow the buyer to communicate directly
with the breeder and the veterinarian to inquire about the animal’s
medical history.

• Beware of sellers who use pressure tactics in e-mail communication.

• Avoid sellers who accept only wire payments or money orders. Use a
payment method that offers fraud protection, such as a credit card.