Yeah, it appears easy to hit down 6 tin cans at that short distance. And though it is an old trick, not many are aware of the trick behind the game.

They will even let you try it for free to convince yourself before you play with cash.

When you are playing for free, the heavier cans are placed on top of the lighter cans. In this way, the top-heavy pyramid is easy to knock down completely due to the lighter cans below. So when you play with cash to try and win a prize, the heavier cans are placed at the bottom instead, with the lighter cans on top. With a stronger support on the shelf, it is very hard to hit down all the 3 heavier cans at the bottom of the pyramid because unless you can score direct hits on each of them… but you won’t get enough balls to do that.

Watch the video by clicking the play button below the screen.