No no no, we are not asking for donations.

It takes quite some effort to publish articles, reports and answering to some interesting questions. So we would appreciate if you can help spread the words about our site, or even comment on some of the scams reported by any author. There are sites where you can interact in a forum regarding scams, such as However, our purpose here is to provide just the right amount of information in various areas related to scams. It will help readers just like yourself to find the right information easier, but not necessarily the exact information. More doesn’t always mean good, and we have a reason for that.

We mentioned about not being a scam database site. Yup, we are not a database collector, but we do post some of those scam mails we received, with full email header for tracing. Tracing is simple, just visit Sorry, no links to commercial sites since they sell stuffs too. You have to type that in the browser.

Why do we bother to post repeated articles about similar scams at all?

One fine day, Dory received an email saying that “You have won US$1million in a YAHOOOO lottery draw!”. She is smart but unsure if]]> she should reply to that email, because the money (US$1million – house – cars – diamonds – vacations) is getting into her head. So she went on the internet and typed “YAHOOOO Lottery draw”. If it happened that we have that article on our website, she might find us here. So if we include more scam email reports, it will help people find us.

However, we are not using huge database as a selling point of our website, or to brag that we have thousands or millions of 419 advanced fees scams (talking about the same old shit) downloadable in Excel or Access format. My goodness, what do you need all that shit for? Even your plants need better fertilizers than web shits.

Sorry for the diversion, so what is the point here? What if Dory does not find what she was looking for (maybe some scam database just went down for maintenance that fine day).

“Oh my god, finally no one says that this is a scam!!! FINALLY!!!”

What the hell, scammers don’t use the same statement, names, or organisations in new scams.

You may think Dory is stupid and couldn’t possibly exist on earth (probably only in Venus far far away), but wait till you see some of our mails or comments.