We deleted a comment at the MustUniversity.com thread.

1) He tries to post illogical comments to suggest that it is not a scam, with no evidence or concrete facts.

2) He tries to have a “chat” with another scammer in the same comment thread. We already knew “She” is a scammer, but we are just waiting for the next move. That is why “her” comments were published as a bait.

3) He pretends to write poor English to prove his “young” age (17-year old). My 12-year old boy can write better than someone who claims is 17 and going to university.

We could not allow the comment from this sameone who claims that “You will never know its a scam until you try out”, when the facts are laid down.Trying their luck, but that would be tough – with us.

He can spam his opinion about “trying it out to prove if its a scam” in the forums, but not here. Guess what, the next comment he is going to post is “Wow, I tried it out and its working! I was offered a job because I was enrolled in this.. this…!” We don’t need empty testimonials.

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