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Twitter Phishing Scam – Boing Boing Net

I just fell for a Twitter phishing scam — it took the form of a direct message from one of my contacts, with the message “This you????” and a link to a site that prompted me for my Twitter password (which, like an idiot, I entered before noticing that the URL was twitter.scammysite.com; blame it on browsing with a tiny mobile-phone screen while in line at the coffee shop)… read more

Craigslist Rental Scam – WSYR

Craigslist crooks took facts and photos from a legitimate real estate listing to create a false posting for a rental property. They were trying to get people to send a $400 deposit. The 80-year old owner of a house in Onondaga Hill hired realtor Michael Field to put it up for sale a few weeks ago. Over the weekend, he found out the information from his listing had been hijacked by scammers. “Someone went into a website and pirated off my information, my words, my pictures, everything and set up a listing on Craigslist for this house to rent,” Field said.

The post claimed the owner of the home was out of country, so potential renters could drive by but they couldn’t get the keys until they wired a $400 deposit. Obviously, this is just another variation on a common scam… read more

Twitter Phishing Scam Warning – Phoenix New Times

It turns out that someone may have hijacked the Speaker’s Twitter account temporarily and used it to spread a phishing scam that began blazing across the Internet this weekend.

Clicking on the accompanying link takes computer users to a site that looks just like the Twitter login page — but the URL is different.

Needless to say, it’s a terrible idea to enter your name and password on that page…. read more