Several Hot Scam News update for 2nd June 07:

Ted Hubert warns about advanced fee scams:
you should be very careful when someone from
the United Kingdom offers you large amounts of money, if you become a
team member. Specifically one email comes from Cyril Long. She
introduces herself as a Fund Manager with Fidelity Investment UK…”
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BBB warns about Pageant scams:
“Before deciding to participate in such a competition, families should
verify the authenticity of the pageant company with the BBB. For more
information visit the BBB web site at www.bbb.org or call the local
office at (504)¥581-6222.”

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Montreal Man caught with pants down!!

Nah! He was caught doing telemarketing scams and fined US$1million (Ouch). Some other lesser punishment includes community service and banned from similar business.
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