We are talking about the real MegaMillions lottery tickets here.

The 67-year-old maintenance man purchased the Mega Millions ticket at the Lucky Food Store in Grand Prairie last May and didn’t discover until months later that it was a million-dollar winner. By then, Pankaj Joshi, a clerk at the store, had cashed in the ticket and left the country.

But the Travis County district attorney’s office was able to track down $360,000 in Joshi’s bank accounts and recovered another $30,000 from one of his relatives and a friend. The district attorney also is trying to freeze $290,000 that was wired to a bank in Nepal.

In all, the $1 million ticket was worth $750,000 under the instant payout option. Willis and his attorneys remain hopeful he will be able to recover most of his winnings.

Maybe we should start signing at the back of the tickets after we bought them. Its safer when we have to “hand-over” the tickets to someone.