The NZ news report a rise in scam. Although it mentioned briefly about money mules, there were no specific examples in the news. However, the news talks about scams where buyers paid more than what the seller wanted, and asking for a refund thereafter. The problem is that the payment from the buyer was cancelled, and the seller ended up paying more back the the buyer (scammer).

“If ever you receive more money than you asked for and way in excess of
what the product or services are worth, this should raise your

“Then, if a refund is to be sent to a different account – and often
these accounts are in Nigeria or Indonesia – this should really raise
your concerns.”

Traditional 419 inheritance and lottery scams are the lesser evil compared to the above commercial scams. They are not simply scamming that one person, but they are also screwing up the entire ecommerce system and people will be more wary when the buy and sell things online.