Check out this video of new scams in the News. The reporters
acknowledged that scams are not new, but people may fall for them
especially in times of need. As we mentioned, scammers used baits and
confidence tricks to target the weak points in people, e.g. greed,
needs, love, etc.

Although the news reported them as new scams, they are not really new
to us, e.g. secret shopper scams (fake check scam), lottery scams, and
an elderly man was scammed $90k over a few years thinking that his
money is invested in a South African gems (precious stone) business.
Another possible scam is fake investment in Gold.

A good point
emphasised in the video is this “If you need to pay money to get money, it is a SCAM!” Well-said.

Why didn’t the news mention about hotscams.com?? 🙁

Anyway, please forward this to your friends and family (esp. elderly). If they don’t like to read, at least watch the video and be informed. It just takes a few minutes to save thousands or even their lifetime savings.