Most people need to surf the Internet without any frustration and the new, recently released browser, Firefox 2 from the Mozilla Foundation allows them to do this. The new Firefox 2 is as easy to install and use as the original Firefox, but now you have many more features making your Internet experience even better.

Tabbed browsing is a default feature in Firefox and one of its capabilities is to remember sites and pages you may accidentally close. Close a site or page and the History puts the information in a recently closed list for you. If you want to reopen the site or page, you just click History and the link will be there to reopen in the same tab it was in previously. You see, Firefox does the work and you enjoy the benefits. Remember the days when you could open only three or four pages and you lost pages because of this?, Well, now Firefox will not let this happen to you. You will love the way Firefox takes over and lets you do the browsing while it does the work.

Spell check is another great feature and you no longer have to wonder: does illusion have one “s” or does it have two? Rest assured Firefox2 is not an illusion; it is a great browser and the Mozilla Foundation technicians work around the clock so Firefox can always live up to its promise of a better Internet experience for all who use this browser.

Web Feeds are a great way to keep up with the latest news and so much more. Firefox provides a preview of those feeds you subscribe to and you decide if you want to know more. You choose the Feeds you want and Firefox only shows what you want. You can use a Feed Reader you already have on your computer or you can use the Firefox Live Bookmark. The other way you can handle this is through a Web service.

Another feature many people using Firefox really like is the Live Titles feature. This feature allows you quick glance summary of web pages. An example of this would be a list of dated summaries such as the following brief list:

Jun 30 Lost Mountain found-


Jul 23 Lottery win largest ever-


Aug. 3 Evidence points to more-


This feature is located on the right side of the page and looks similar to the Microsoft Word Clipboard. You can choose a Live Titles website under Bookmarks. Then you can view your Live Titles in the Live Bookmarks feature of your new Mozilla browser.