One important task to take care of before surfing the Internet, is your personal settings for the Mozilla Firefox 2 browser.

In order to select the best options, click on [Tools] in the toolbar; click [Options] in the drop down menu. A screen will appear, click [Main] and leave the startup box as it appears. Move down to [Downloads] and click the box [Show The Downloads Page], click on [Save Files To].

When the screen appears listing your file names click on [C:/Documents and Settings…], or browse and click on the place you want Firefox to deposit your future downloaded files. If you choose not to assign a place for downloaded files now, then in the future when you download a file, Firefox will ask you where to place the download. You can make the decision for each separate download. Firefox will not complete a download without asking you what to do with the file.

Go back to the top of the Firefox Options page, click on [Tabs], a drop down menu will appear, click on [A New Tab]. This means each time you click on a website or a link, it will open in a new tab and will not open in the same tab, in which your present website link appears.

If you skip this step, the page you open from the website will replace your website link in the first tab. If this happens, you have to go back and reopen the website. So, take this first step: click [Tabs] under Firefox options, and then click [A New Tab] to avoid any problems with loosing a website.

Next, go back to the top of the Firefox Options page and click on Content. A new drop down menu appears so you can give Firefox, rules to follow related to content. In this drop down menu, it is a good idea to check all four statements because keeping unnecessary information in your computer slows it down.

Under Fonts and Colors, it is not necessary to make changes other than for personal preference. To change these, click on each then make the change just as you would change them in Windows. The third section under [Content] is a description of [File Types]. It is a good idea to do nothing under [File Types], unless you are technically skilled in this area. To close this screen, click on OK at the bottom and then click [Feeds] at the top of the options screen.

On the options screen click on [Feeds]. Here you tell Firefox whether or not, you want to have any of the live feeds running on your computer. Click on the help link at the bottom of the options page and read about feeds before choosing a statement.