Would you like to become a model? This is one of the hottest scams around today. There is a video at bbc (try searching), and this article:

“There is a whole industry that has developed to take advantage
of those who would like to become models. They are far removed
from the world of actual professional modeling. This modeling
scam and rip-off industry makes its money by alluding to or promising
great careers in modeling, but first you have to pay them up
front. Of course your modeling career never comes about and your
money is long gone. These enterprises prey upon your hopes and
dreams of becoming a star and they are betting on your lack of
knowledge about how the modeling industry really works. This
leach industry seems to be getting bigger everyday.

These enterprises fall into three categories: the scam, the
rip-off, and those that just run bad businesses. All will take
your money and give little or nothing in return.

The scam operation conducts fraudulent and illegal activities.
This type of enterprise has no intention of delivering on what
it promises. They make big promises and guarantees and usually
ask for a substantial sum of money up front, and then they vanish
in the night.

The rip-off is a big category, and it’s not illegal. Companies
operating rip-off schemes make vague promises or they tout one
or two models (out of thousands whose money they’ve taken) that
actually succeeded in a career….”

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